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Guest Review of the Famous Dominican 4000

June 25, 2009

This week’s guest review was written by Ryan Pultz or @petthefish on Twitter.

Well, seeing as last week I reviewed a higher priced cigar, this week I am going to review a more budget-minded cigar. Famous Smoke Shop has come out with several house brands over the years and this weekend I decided to light up one of these house blends. The blend I chose was the Famous Dominican 4000. The cigar is a robust 7 ¼ long by 50 ring Churchill. This smoke was a bit longer than I normally smoke, but it was nice and sunny so I figured why not.

Look: The cigar had a smooth wrapper with a few normal sized veins, nothing like you typically get out of some budget cigars. The cigar was firm for the most part, but the foot was very soft and, as you can see from the picture, the foot was very loosely packed. Other than that, the cigar looked very nice.


1st half: The cigar lit with ease and produced ample amounts of smoke. From the beginning, the burn line was off. It never completely corrected itself, but it never got out of hand. The flavors were very grassy hay flavors in the beginning with a slight spice coming through. Famous claims the Connecticut Shade wrapper is aged to give the cigar a naturally sweet flavor but I was not getting that in the first half of the smoke.


2nd half: Well, the second half  was pretty consistent with the first half, continuing with the strong green grass flavor with hints of spice. I am still waiting for the sweetness to come though, but it never did. The spice picked up a bit toward the end, but that was the only noticeable change in the smoke. The burn was still off but, with a little touch up with the torch, it was back on track. I could not nub this smoke like I do a lot of cigars. I don’t know if it was the length or just the cigar, but I got bored. The cigar was just not giving me anything interesting to work with.


Conclusion: This will be a cigar that I will revisit when it has a little age on it. For less than five bucks a stick, it was not horrible, but it was not knock-your-socks-off good either. I would love to compare this vitola to a shorter version, maybe a robusto. Overall, this is a good budget cigar that I would recommend you try, especially if you are into the more grassy hay flavors or if you are a fan of Churchills.

I actually couldn’t find any other reviews of this cigar, but did find a couple reviews of the Famous Dominican 2000. Check them out below.

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