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Review of Mystery Cigar #3

June 28, 2009

Cigar Stats:

Name: Mystery Cigar #3
Smoking Time: 1hr30
Beverage: Diet Coke

This review is the third in a series of five mystery cigar reviews. A friend of mine asked if I’d like to be part of a mystery review series he was conducting. This would entail him sending me five free cigars to review and write articles on. As you see now, I couldn’t pass up the chance to smoke free cigars, so I agreed to participate. The cigars vary in size, length, and tobacco content, so the reviews should be unique. At the end of the five reviews, I will reveal the make and size of each cigar that was reviewed.

The Pre-Smoke

The cigar has a light brown wrapper, and looks like a typical Connecticut shade-grown wrapper. The wrapper has some subtle veins running up and down it, but otherwise looks very nice. The cigar seems well-packed, and the wrapper is in good condition. The foot smelled like your typical barnyard, but I actually got hot-boiled peanuts off of the wrapper. Pretty crazy I know, but it honestly smelled just like them. The pre-light draw was perfect, and tasted like tobacco. I was excited to get started smoking this, as the cigar looked, smelled, and tasted great.

The Burn

I cut the cigar with my Cuban Crafters cutter, and lit it with my butane torch. As I did on the last review, I smoked this cigar at a local shop, Puff N’ Stuff. Just like the last time I smoked there, there wasn’t anyone else in the lounge, so I don’t think anything affected my ability to properly judge the flavors. The burn on this cigar was absolutely perfect. I didn’t have to touch it up once, and it made for a very pleasant smoke. The ash was very solid, and held on for about two inches each time. It even stayed together when it fell off into the ashtray. The room aroma was really pleasant, and smelled like sweet tobacco. The cigar put off a good amount of resting smoke, more than most cigars I smoke.

The Flavor

The flavor on this cigar was great. The cigar started off with a basic woody flavor, with some sweetness and a little spice. The retrohale had a nice pepperyness to it, and really added to the smoke. At about the halfway point, the pepper started to become more prevalent, and I started to pick up a nice cinnamon flavor. I also started to get a little bit of charcoal at this point, but it definitely added to the smoke and was not unpleasant. There was a good amount of nice, thick smoke, making it easy to pick up on a lot of flavors and also to retrohale. The body was probably mild-to-medium, and I think this would be a great morning smoke.

The Verdict

This was a great cigar. I typically pass up Connecticut shade wrappers, mainly because I favor stronger smokes, but this hit the spot as a mid-afternoon smoke. The flavors were very enjoyable, and nicely balanced. I cannot wait to find out what kind of cigar this is, as I will certainly be picking up some more. This is a cigar that could be enjoyed by all smokers, and I will definitely recommend it to my friends who are just starting out smoking.

Liked It: Yes. I would rate it a 9 out of 10.
Buy It Again: Yes.
Recommend It: Yes.

Doc's blind cigar taste test

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Geoff Carlysle permalink
    June 30, 2009 2:29 am

    Make sure to lemme know what kind of cigar this was, it sounds pretty good. Hope you’re doin great bud.

  2. Ray D. aka debo0775 permalink
    June 30, 2009 2:39 am

    I’m likin’ the site more and more, John. Keep it up!

    BTW, if you’re looking to pick up some of the RP Connies, PM me your addy and maybe we can hit up a trade. I think I have 10 or so still laying around in a few different sizes.

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