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Guest Review of the El Cobre by Oliva

July 3, 2009

This week’s guest review is by Charlie, or Labman on the Stogie Review Fan Forum.


Here is a review of one of my top 5 favourite cigars…the El Cobre by Oliva. This particular El Cobre was purchased from a dealer (Discount Cigars) in the summer of 2007 and has been resting in my humidor ever since.

Vitola/Size: Torpedo (6.5 x 52)
Wrapper: Maduro from Connecticut, USA
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $99.95 for a bundle of 25 (Discount Cigars is the only place I know of that has them).

Appearance: The El Cobre come wrapped in cello and have one of the most beautiful bands out there, IMO. The wrapper had a couple medium sized veins, but the cigar was very well constructed.
Wrapper Colour: Medium to dark brown.
Feel: Firm with no soft spots.
Scent of wrapper: Strong smell of hay.
Flavour on Draw: Earthy, mossy.

Resting Smoke: Walt once described the El Cobre as a stinky cigar…and he was absolutely right! It is a very stinky cigar, but in an oh so good way! There is a sweetness to it that reminds me of the scent of burning sweet-grass, which is used in Native ceremonies for cleansing and purification purposes.
Taste – initial 3rd: Coffee, nutty, with a blast of strong black pepper spice on the retro-hale.
Taste – middle 3rd: I got some nice leathery, nutty flavour and the coffee flavour became so subtle that there were times when I couldn’t taste it at all. On the retro-hale the black pepper had smoothed out a bit and I got a bit of a citrus flavour.
Taste – final 3rd: The coffee and nutty flavour returned, and also a chocolaty sweetness crept in for a while. The retro-hale began to pick up some spice again, although not as strong in the first 3rd…the citrus flavour remained as well.
Strength: Full.
Feeling: The smoke felt neither sparse or overly creamy…it was smack dab in the middle.
Heat on Fingers and in Mouth: None
Draw: I was a little worried that, because this cigar was so firm, the draw would be a little tight. But it turned out to be a perfect draw!
Finish: The flavours remained for quite a while after expelling the smoke from my mouth.
Construction: Was very good and the light-white/gray ash held on like a trooper!
Other aspects: I used a Xikar guillotine cutter and lit it with my Z-plus Zippo insert.
Libation: None.

Like It: Your God damned right I did. It’s one of my favourite cigars…bar none!
Buy It Again: Yes! In fact that was my last one, so I will most likely be looking to purchase some very soon.
Recommend It: Absolutely! If you like full bodied cigars, then this cigar is definitely for you! They cost less than $4 a stick and they age well too. I don’t see where you can go wrong with an El Cobre!!

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  1. Adam Hughes permalink
    July 4, 2009 1:55 pm

    God bless Oliva for making affordable smokes that are actually worth seeking out.

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