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Mystery Cigar Review Reveal!

July 6, 2009

Hey guys,

As many of you know, over the last few weeks I embarked on a Mystery Cigar Review project courtesy of doc8466 over on the Stogie Review Fan Forums. He sent five packages of five unbanded mystery cigars each to five reviewers to get their opinions on them. We’ve just finished reviewing the last of the five cigars, and I am here to tell you what they were. As you probably noticed, I was not able to review the fifth and final cigar. It was a lancero, and when I clipped and lit it, the draw was so tight that it was unsmokable. Fortunately, none of the other reviewers had this problem, so they were able to give some great unbiased reviews. I am going to repost all of the reviews for all five cigars and am going to group them by cigar, including the name and title of the cigar. I will repost my review as well, just so it will be easier to compare our notes. I hope you enjoy the reviews!

John Brooke

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