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Cigars for review from The Football Cigar

August 28, 2009

Hey guys,

I just wanted to show you guys the contents of a little care package Gunnar from sent me. Gunner has an interesting idea in this football-shaped cigar and although it looks like a bit of a novelty on the surface, it is made of quality tobaccos primarily from the Dominican Republic. Here is a quote from their site about the cigar:

This is no ordinary cigar this one guarantees to get all the stares on the field and up the ranks. The american football cigar is the most unique cigar ever. If you don’t put it up the shelf to show off the incredible look of this handcrafted cigar, you’ll find it an very aromatic cigar with some complex flavors. A torpedo like head and foot and with a huge, bulging center it comes in a mix of natural Connecticut and dark Arapiraca wrapper. Some may find it a difficult draw but this is a sports celebration cigar > for guys with big lungs !!!

The cigar looks like an interesting stick, and is sure to turn some heads at a local shop or herf. Gunnar was nice enough to send me the 3-pack pictured below as well as two single cigars in coffins. When I do the review of the cigar, I will be giving away the two individual cigars. Anyways, stay tuned!

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