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Cain Straight Ligero

September 5, 2009

Cain final

Today, we have another guest review, this time from our friend Pat Fumador.

I stopped into Cigar Castle in Tampa on Friday afternoon to pick out a cigar that I had not tried before, and with an adventure in mind, chose this cigar.

This is what Cain puts up on their website. I found it interesting and brought what I understood to be fact to be actual fact. We wonder sometimes, yes?

Cigar Architecture is crucial in any cigar. It is especially critical in making a Straight Ligero cigar. Not All tobacco burns at the same rate. Ligeros are the fullest body, slowest burning of the tobaccos. Viso is a medium flavored with better burn qualities. Seco is lighter flavored and quickest to burn. It is the careful arrangement of these tobaccos that allows a cigar to burn true.

Flavor Range refers to the low, medium, and high range of flavors in a cigar blend. Typically these ranges are achieved by the three aforementioned tobaccos. In making a Straight Ligero cigar we are delivering our low, medium and high range all from Ligero tobaccos. Still we must carefully arrange these Ligeros with other tobaccos for a true burn. The other tobaccos make no significant contribution to flavor.

Wrapper leaf is typically credited with delivering up to 60% of the flavor of a cigar, depending on the ring gauge. This is mostly true. In a Straight Ligero cigar it plays an important but reduced role as a result of the three powerful Ligeros.

All this having been defined, here is what I personally discovered about the cigar itself.

Prelight visuals are always important. It’s like food presentation. We feast with our eyes first. Dark. Bold. Very slight oily appearance. Did I say dark? Yes, very. Wrapper was clean and slightly veiny. What one would expect from a cigar that is a company’s pride and joy.

Prelight aroma was a little confusing at first. It wanted to be grassy, but it was warmer, more dense, darker than the standard vegetable by definition as I know it.

On to the lighting! First aromas from the foot were fabulous. Richness and depth that I didn’t expect from a cigar this early. The perfume was incredible. So much so that I left the room where others were smoking so I could bring a better definition to it. Wow. Glad I did. It was almost meaty in density. First real draw was heavy. Why not? It was a very dark wrapper, bragging its’ triple fermentation ligero heritage, and stand up to its’ heritage it did.

I usually find that I have to ‘forgive’ the first inch on most cigars, allowing them to warm up and become more defined. They can be a little wild starting off. Not so with this. It started with a roar and didn’t stop until I was forced to put it down with 1/3rd left to smoke. At that point, I was pleased that I had enjoyed a solid meal before lighting up!

Draw was easy, no straining to get smoke from this one. Firm but clean draw and very generous with smoke volume.

Two notables along the way though. The first third was rich with a pepperiness, mixed slightly with deep leather tones. Half way, it evolved more to the vegetable/grassy leather, almost totally lacking the earlier pepperiness. Still very dense and generous with the smoke volume, pleasing every corner of the palate.

Would I buy this cigar again? Yep.

Would I recommend it to friends? Only if they liked deep, dark, bold cigars that would take over given half a chance.

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  1. PappyFerrara permalink
    September 14, 2009 1:59 am

    Hi John: Great review. One point though, you can’t steal my term “pepperiness”.
    Best wishes,
    Bill PappyFerara

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