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Dual Review: Litto Gomez Cabinet Cameroon #5 & #3 Box Pressed 2000

September 8, 2009


This week, we have another guest review from our friend Andy Picone. He is going to be writing regularly for the site, so I hope you enjoy!

Our tastes move us from one part of the humidor to another. It’s this “matter of taste” which the manufacturers and blenders are banking on.

My name is Andy Picone and I fancy myself as a cigar evaluator. As the term implies, I’ll appraise any cigar before me. I like to compare similar products.  Keep in mind my palate is different than yours. Take this information. Appreciate it for what it’s worth. Then decide.

In this post, I’ll evaluate medium bodied Cameroon wrapped cigars. I’ve enjoyed cigars from two product lines in the La Flor Dominicana family: The Litto Gomez Cabinet Cameroon #5 (5×50) and the # 3 Box Pressed 2000 (4.875×40).  Overall, I found both to be relaxing and enjoyable. To the touch, each offers a silky sheen-like feel and toothy appearance.  A wonderful aroma permeates from the unlit foot up through the cigar. Each offers a sweet taste to the lips that should be enjoyed before a match is ever lit.  But there are some differences. While each offer and abundant amount of smoke, the Litto Gomez offers more complexity for the palate and nose to decipher. As with most Cameroons, the peppery / spice taste lingered, then suddenly replaced by an espresso chocolate charge which remained distinct for most of the session.  The 2000 offered the traditional Cameroon spice essences, and then replaced with subtle hints of citrus.  So enjoyable, yet deemed a bit thin versus the LG.  I smoked each passed the label; neither becoming volatile. I’d enjoy the 2000 for an after lunch episode, or with a good pre-dinner cocktail, whereas the LG needs a more robust accompaniment to be appreciated.

These are just two of the gems in the Cameroon arena.  With outstanding construction and a true attention to detail, LFD has projected itself to be a real player in the Cameroon category.  Now, you decide.

Enjoy the ride.

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