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Guest review of the Davidoff Especiales #7

September 11, 2009

This week, we have another guest review from our friend Andy Picone. He is going to be writing regularly for the site, so I hope you enjoy!




I came across a Davidoff Especiales #7.  The line has an interesting background.

This 2004-05 special edition cigar was limited to 10,000 boxes, and one size, 5 ½ x 48.  The numeral in the title suggests the blender’s use of seven distinct tobaccos:  an Ecuadorian/Connecticut Shade/ Cuban Seed wrapper, a binder and five filler leaves originating from various parts of the Dominican Republic.  At the time, the use of five filler tobaccos within a robusto size smoke was thought to be too heaving.  Would it work?  Leave it to Davidoff.

This cigar is true to the Davidoff tradition:  a downy, rich mahogany shade wrapper, razor sharp burn, an unmistaken aroma and a beautiful white ash that remained rigid to the first band.  The draw was firm but not taxing, as the payoff was certainly worth it.  The initial hint of cedar dallies long enough to fill your head with aromatics akin to some of the finest single malts.  As I worked my way through the cigar, I awaited some grand flavor finale; a rush of densely rich and full bodied flavors.  I had a premonition this cigar wanted to be a dynamic powerhouse.  But its complexity only continued to harvest delicate aromas and elusive essences allowing the Especiales to maintain an enjoyable medium bodied edge.

Some cigars can stand alone.   Even the highest quality, well developed cigars sometimes find themselves jockeying with your taste buds when confronted with a perfect martini or an outstanding red; accompaniments can distract the essence of a great cigar.  The Especiales should not have a supporting cast.  Nothing should cloud your senses as this cigar is that good.

Find a comfortable chair, point it to the western sky, light up the #7 and enjoy the sunset.

Enjoy the ride.

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